InsurFun, the online insurance platform is developed and maintained by Nimue Limited; while all insurance and consulting services are provided by LPC Insurance Brokers Limited (IA License number: FB1496).


About LPC Insurance Brokers Limited

Established in 2005, we are an authorized insurance broker, with a team of professionals of 10 to more than 25 years’ experience. Armed with sound knowledge, proven experience and qualifications in the fields of broking, underwriting and claims, we are ready to provide all-round service to meet your insurance needs.

We believe communication and mutual understanding are keys to effective and proper management of client’s risk 

We believe profound understanding of the insurance industry and client’s needs together with our expertise shall produce meaningful results

We believe working with heart and our willingness to help shall bring the right solutions to the best interests of our clients

Claims Management is of equal importance to taking out an insurance policy. It ranks high in our services. LPC’s claims specialists are on call to assist in claims on behalf of clients: 

Protect Clients Interests
Pro-active advice on Do’s and Don’ts to ensure compliance with the policy terms and conditions

Strive for Best Outcome
Prompt report of claims, followed by advice on claim preparation, claim process monitoring and necessary negotiation 

Value Added Service
Backup advice on uninsured claims