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“Croatia Travel” as a Hong Kong Branch established in 2015 mainly provides services for customers from Hong Kong and overseas Chinese

What is the connection between cute Dalmatian Dog and a tie?

The answer is: they are both originating from Croatia.

The Republic of Croatia is located at the eastern bank of Adriatic Sea in southern Europe. That’s just opposite of Italy and separated by the Adriatic Sea. Croatia’s national territory looks like an eagle flying in the sky. This eagle has more than one thousand islands along the coastline and for this reason Croatia earned a compliment of the “country of thousand islands”.

Maybe due to the historical background, people usually classify Croatia as a “Balkan Country”. Balkan is a Turkish word and it means “mountain fully covered by forest”. However, this meaning is not appropriate to describe Croatia. Sun and beaches, national parks, historical heritages, vineyards and Mediterranean scenes can be found in Croatia. In the past, during the monarchy times, Croatia was governed by the Roman as well as the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. In these ancient times Croatia provided best summer palaces to the noblemen. Nowadays, having intensive urban life, independent country of Croatia provides a rare relaxing garden to the tourists from all over the world. Why rare? Cause of its cleanness and nature, large and small lakes, rivers, waterfalls, mountains and green fields form picturesque and poetic sceneries, but also cause of its history and simplicity. In the course of social evolution Croatia has managed to keep the historical heritages from different empires till today.


About “Croatia Travel“

The parent company of “Croatia Travel”, A.T.I. d.o.o. , is a registered travel agency in Croatia established in 1992 possessing 30 years’ experience. “Croatia Travel” as a Hong Kong Branch established in 2015 mainly provides services for customers from Hong Kong and overseas Chinese. It is a registered Travel Agency in Hong Kong is governed by Tourism Commission and Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong ; the operation is directly run by Croatian head office, cooperated with Hong Kong expert planning for tailor-made itineraries upon customers’ requests. “Croatia Travel” is Specialist for Travel Croatia. Besides Croatia, they also provide services to customers for neighbouring countries such Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia.

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