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HomeSafe Protection Insurance - Plan A

Premium (Include or subsidize premium levy)

HK$ 1,580.00

Home Contents
Legal Liability
Personal Accident Protection
Alternative Accommodation

Important Notes

The actual effective is subject to Insurer’s confirmation date and time. (within 2 working days)

The using of InsurFun services is for registered members only, For enquiry or registration, please call us at 2375 3456 or via email to

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Must be the same as Hong Kong Identity Card, for example: A123456(7), please enter A1234567.

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Policy Detail

Insured Premises in Hong Kong (if different from Correspondence Address)

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Valid for 1 year

Opt-out from Use of Personal Data in Direct Marketing

Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited (the “Company”) may use your personal data for direct marketing but the Company cannot use your personal data for such purpose without your consent. Please tick "✔" in the box below if you do not wish the Company to use your personal data for direct marketing (except receiving renewal information).

1. Use of Personal Data in Direct Marketing (except receiving renewal information)

2. Receiving Renewal Information

The above represents your present choice of whether or not to receive direct marketing contact or information from the Company. This shall replace any choice you may have given to the Company prior to this application.

Please note that your above choice shall apply to the direct marketing of the products, services and/or subjects as set out in the Company’s Personal Information Collection Statement (the “Statement”). Please also refer to the Statement for the kinds of personal data which may be used for direct marketing.

Premium: HK$1,580.00

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