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HomeSure Household Insurance - Plan B

Premium (Include or subsidize premium levy)

HK$ 680.68

Home Contents
Legal Liability
Personal Accident Protection
Alternative Accommodation

Important Notes

The actual effective is subject to Insurer’s confirmation date and time. (within 2 working days)

The using of InsurFun services is for registered members only, For enquiry or registration, please call us at 2375 3456 or via email to

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Must be the same as Hong Kong Identity Card, for example: A123456(7), please enter A1234567.

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for one year

Optional Cover

To purchase optional protection, please contact our service hotline (+852) 2375 3456 or send an email to

Other Information

Has your household insurance been refused/cancelled, rated-up, had additional exclusions/conditions added upon application or renewal?

In the past 3 years, have you or your family members sustained any loss in connection with the cover of HomeSure?

Premium: HK$680.68

Terms and Condition