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In the terms and conditions together with privacy & cookies policies stated herein (collectively called “Terms and Conditions”), whenever we use "LPC", "us", "we" and "our", it refers to LPC Insurance Brokers Limited, a registered member of Professional Insurance Brokers Association, membership number is 0345. "You", "Your" and “User” refers to any person who accesses to or uses this Website. 


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Our Service 

You acknowledge that LPC is an insurance broker whose business is to arrange insurance products and services for its clients. LPC is not an insurer, and does not underwrite any insurance risk, nor does it act on behalf of any insurer in its dealings with the User. 

LPC provides a free comparison service on this Website which allows you to compare a number of prices for products and services and their product information from the service providers on our panel. Any information gathered by you or use of any tools on this Website do not constitute an official offer of insurance to you. 

LPC does not provide any kind of advice on this Website, whether personal, financial or commercial. Nothing on this Website ought to be relied upon as advice or a recommendation of any specified products or services. It is your sole discretion and decision to purchase any product or service, whether it has been featured on this Website or not. 

The information on this Website is not sensitive to your specific status including financial or insurance needs and you are obligated to seek professional advice before acting on the information you find on this Website. The Information on this Website to be found in relation to the provided products and services are not representative of and cannot be treated as full description of any particular product and its terms and conditions nor the precise cover provided by that product or service. 

By giving us your personal details, you are requesting a quote of the relevant product or service from the relevant insurance providers based on its terms, conditions and exceptions. 
You agree that no insurance coverage shall be construed as bound, in force, applied for or assumed as a result of providing the personal information or application form to LPC unless and until the risk was accepted and relevant confirmation of coverage has been sent to you by us or by respective insurers. Confirmation of insurance may be sent physically on paper &/or solely electronically. The confirmation of a binding contract is not conditional on you receiving any paper document. 

By submitting an insurance application form, Users agree that the Website will be automatically used personal information from the form to create an membership account. These information including but not limited to Name, Email Address, HKID Number, contact number. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

LPC’s affiliation with any third party service providers or their content on this Website, if any, should not be construed as a recommendation by LPC to buy any of their insurance product or service. LPC does not own, operate, control or endorse any third party content or services in any way. 

We reserve the right to feature, amend, delete, edit, take away or modify any data, content, material, information or quotation engine displayed on this Website at any time. 

LPC Remuneration 

LPC is remunerated for its services by the receipt of commission paid by insurers. Your agreement to proceed with any insurance transaction shall constitute your consent to the receipt of commission by us. 

Your Obligations 

You acknowledge that any contract entered for an insurance product will be between you and the applicable insurer. All products and services provided or described in this Website or arranged by LPC are subject to the terms, conditions and exceptions of the insurance contract. You must read carefully all these terms, conditions and exceptions and to satisfy yourself that you fully understand such policy provisions. In appropriate cases, ensure to seek professional advice on the meaning, operation and substantive effect of these terms, conditions and exceptions prior to entering a contract for such products or services. If you are in doubt as to your obligations under these policy provisions or if you wish to seek help pertaining to our service, please contact our customer service department. 

You also acknowledge that prior to any insurance cover being confirmed or provided to you, you should disclose complete and accurate material facts you know, or could reasonably be expected to know that could be crucial in the process or the decision to grant you the requested insurance and in what premium terms that prudent insurers would offer to accept the risk. A fact is material and requires disclosure to the insurer even if not asked or prompted by the insurer in the proposal form or any other communication between you and the insurer. You agree that no reliance will be placed upon LPC to advise or alert the User as to what facts is material for disclosure. 

You are obligated (i) to disclose to your insurer immediately if any information is affected by any change of circumstances or additional facts known to you at anytime whereby the risk of loss is increased (ii) not to misrepresent any material facts and (iii) not to make fraudulent claims, if it is relevant to the nature of the risk sought to be covered. Please also ensure to comply with the terms, conditions and warranties stipulated in policy during the course of the whole insurance period. Failure to do so may prejudice your interest in seeking indemnity under your selected policy &/or claims being repudiated &/or policy being voided from inception. You may receive no benefits from your chosen policy accordingly. 

When obtaining quotation &/or enrolling for a particular product or service on or through this Website, you agree that it is your sole responsibility to ensure all information or personal data provided are correct, accurate and complete. LPC will not be held responsible for loss of any kind by User due to any misrepresenting data, information provided or errors or omissions committed by the User. Please ensure to double check the information provided to us &/or insurers to protect your own interests. Failure to do so may result in insurance contract being voided from inception as if no insurance were arranged or claims being repudiated. 

You agree that no premium will be refunded once a travel insurance certificate has been issued. 

The products and services described on this Website are not available to persons who are outside Hong Kong Special Administrative Region &/or non-Hong Kong residents &/or to persons who do not possess legal capacity to enter into contracts, such as minors. No contract purported to be entered by these persons will bind respective insurers or LPC, unless otherwise specified. 

Use of this Website 

By accessing to and using of this website, you agree that:
You accept the risks of using this Website and/or any linked third party websites. You are solely responsible to evaluate and assume all the risks in connection with the use of any content or services on this Website and/or any linked third party websites including but not limited to their reliability, accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any content or services on or acquired through this Website or any linked third party websites. 

The terms and conditions found on third party websites may not align with the Terms and Conditions for use of this Website. LPC is not responsible for the use of linked third party websites. By activating a third party website link through this Website, you agree to solely responsible for any loss or damage suffered through the use of those websites. 
You agree to comply with all applicable laws in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and any other relevant jurisdiction pertaining to the use of or access to this Website and/or the obtaining of products or services through such use or access. 

You will not invade, extract, download, reproduce and/or display or advertise on any other website or other online service, any information obtained on this Website including, without limitation, any personal data, business or information of other Users, whether that information has been gained by the use of automatic computer code, process, program, robot, spiders, data mining, trawling or other 'screen scraping' software or system used to extract data. You also will not disrupt, harm, damage, alter, interfere or impose any unreasonable burden with this Website and/or linked third party websites and to cause inconvenience to other users of this Website. 

In the event that you are acting on behalf of any other persons to use this Website, all these Terms and Conditions is applicable both to the User who uses this Website, and to the person whom the User represents. The User who is actually using or accessing this Website warrants that he/she is duly authorized to do so by the person whom he represents. By giving us personal data &/or information regarding another person you are confirming that you have asked the person who you are representing, to read carefully all these Terms and Conditions and have obtained consent to provide us such information. 

LPC cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability of this Website. You agree that LPC has the sole discretion and right to decline, suspend or terminate your access to &/or use any of the content or services of this Website at anytime without any prior notice or explanation. 

You agree to be held fully responsible for any harm, loss, claim, demand, liability or expenses (including legal cost) that we suffer directly or indirectly as a result of your breach of contract or warranty, willful act or omission, misrepresentation, negligence in relation to, or in association with, your access and/or use on this Website. 

Complaint Procedure 

If you wish to lodge a complaint about our services, you may contact our customer service department on 2375 3456 or write to us: 

LPC Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Rm 912, 9/F, Austin Tower, 22-26A Austin Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon 

Please note that we cannot act on behalf of any third party product or service providers to answer complaints regarding their products or services. 
Any access to or use of this Website is an acknowledgment that you fully comprehend and accept the Terms and Conditions of this Website. 

If you do not register with the Website, personal information will be collected from the quotation form and create a membership account on behalf.